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Drawing is the best idea, but it is simple to get distracted by a text on your phone. The first of our Kalavidhi Arts drawing tutorials is that an Art class is the best option or excuse to switch off across the globe for an hour or two.

Joining drawing courses has never been more famous. No longer confined to accomplished retirees or painters, more and more individuals are taking the plunge and exploring the joys of painting and drawing courses . And it is simple to know why: from increasing spatial awareness to improving your mental health, joining drawing courses will have innumerable benefits! 

Here are a few drawing tutorial benefits that will aid you:

Igniting Your Creativity

If you sit at a laptop all the time, then you must use the left side of the brain - the problem-solving and analytical side. The right side is the intuitive and innovative side.

If you are not aware of what it means, then you must think about it when you see something you don't like instantly! It is the right side of your brain giving you a signal. At times, we overthink issues using the left part of the brain and get in a muddle. You may balance both sides and strengthen that right-hand brain by being innovative. Drawing courses at Kalavidhi Arts do not need much equipment. All you need is a paintbrush, blank canvas, and pencil.

Boosting Your Memory

You may take a snap of lunch or a scenery and make a quick sketch. If you have a pocket-sized sketchbook, you can make a quick rough drawing. It hardly takes two minutes, and it doesn't even matter how sketchy or rough it is; you may have a better memento of that day out or lunch than if you had taken a photo.

By drawing something simple, you will see that your skills will get better every day, and along with the drawing, you will create memories.


Drawing is the best idea, but it is easy to get distracted by a text on your phone. The first of our Kalavidhi Arts drawing tutorials is that an Art class is the best option or excuse to switch off across the globe for an hour or two. 

Not checking on your smartphone or answering an email instantly is good for you. Research has shown that mental and physical health is also improved when individuals draw for set periods of time. In the same way, blood pressure drops, meditation, and tension go away, and it is relaxation and fun.

Enjoying Art In A New Way!

When you start sketching, you can't help but look at popular painter's work in museums and galleries in a different way, and your understanding and appreciation of painting will also improve.

You get a better knowledge of how Picasso did it, whether they used charcoal or pencil, and why Hockney prefers acrylic painting rather than oil painting. Was it done on paper, or even what type of paper was used? It leads to more questions, and soon, you may be addicted to visiting exhibitions and enjoying learning about drawing.

Attention To Details And Observation

Drawing courses also foster attention to detail and observation. As people strive hard to capture the essence of a scene or subject through drawing, they train their eyes to perceive textures, nuances, and relationships between objects. It is a keen observation skill that extends beyond the artistic realm and may be beneficial in fields such as engineering, science, and problem-solving.

Enhances Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination

The intricate movements are involved in drawing that contribute to developing fine hand-eye coordination and motor skills. As people manipulate drawing tools and control their hand movements, they sharpen their motor skills and improve their control and precision. The development of skill extends beyond the artistic realm and may positively impact activities such as typing, writing, and other jobs that require dexterity.

Is Drawing Good For Mental Health?

Drawing is a well-known, powerful tool to promote well-being and mental health. Engaging in artistic activities such as drawing will positively impact our emotional state and offer an outlet for stress relief, expression, and relaxation. Drawing classes are the best option for the brain and overall health.

Drawing helps people channel their emotions and thoughts onto paper, serving as catharsis. Concentrating on the colors, strokes, and shapes aids in diverting attention from daily stressors offering a meditative and calming experience. It helps the mind to stay focused and reduce your anxiety and depression.

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